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Realm First Grand Empress Shek'zeer!
25/02/2013 00:08 by Ysearia.
 photo empress_zpscfc380b3.png

I would like to thank everyone in the guild (specially Avi, poor her!) for making this happen, altho I still require Rakoz to do 20 pushups before next raid! GRATZ!


Yeah Well done guys! We want vid of pushops Rakoz.
:( Avi

Hilyna at 25/02/2013 06:11
I think I should have pasted her into the pic, my bad. Hope we could do it again in some point plus all achievements to get that lovely Dino mountYsearia at 25/02/2013 14:14

Amazing Job all, World 954 or so which is amazing In my opinion. Lets hope this is a good omen for the rest of this patch and for 5.2

Eremor at 25/02/2013 18:06
Im finished with the push-ups now :DRoller at 25/02/2013 23:55
Look up in the air...its plain, its a goat no it a Tauren!!Hilyna at 26/02/2013 06:07
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