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12/12 Normal Throne of Thunder
25/03/2013 22:07 by Ysearia.
 photo leishen_zpsbea08e0a.png

With all our issues (lags etc) we got this boss in a one shot, gg lads. Let's start heroics.


Well done ^^ But i blame Xarthan for not getting it the night before xHilyna at 26/03/2013 07:20
lies... all lies!!!Xárthan at 26/03/2013 09:18
I blame Erwaiy, like we all should and bit of your shite connection you had before that we didn't manage to get it down before. You could clearly see the difference in one shot compared to few % wipes and silly wipes on intermission. Just let us be unlaggy and we shall shack thunder king so he falls before casting anything at all.Ysearia at 27/03/2013 23:21
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